Emily Unity
Passionate about creating experiences that help people and make a difference

  • “What an outstanding Experience! Emily exceeded my furthest expectations. Highly recommended!”

    Afolabi, Bee Creative
  • “Emily is a designer who understands immediately what you need. Fast, polite and professional. She’s the designer I’ve always been looking for.”

    Jennifer, JC Interior Design
  • “Emily did everything – with almost no time or effort for me. I could completely trust her to represent our company professionally with our clients.”

    Ragh, GKR Automobile
  • “Emily was really friendly and helpful while designing what I needed. Her work is impeccable with great design ideas! I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Thanks again Emily.”

    Jess, Jessica Ann
  • “Emily has a great imagination and quick execution. She works with you to make sure she understands your needs. It’s impossible to be disappointed with her.”

    Halima, Your Zolf
  • “Emily recently undertook a project for me for a business I’m wanting to start soon. I told her my business name and tagline and told her to just run with it. I have been through many marketing people who wouldn’t even entertain my idea, but Emily took what very little I gave her and she created exactly what I was looking for! Beautiful. Unique. Elegant. Emily is a pleasure to work with and I could not recommend her highly enough.”

    Kel, Flour Power
  • “With nothing but a few vague pointers, Emily she created the perfect design! Thank you so much!”

    Josie, Davidson Bookkeeping
  • “Emily was an absolute joy to work with! She worked with us to ensure we were happy every step of the way, a true professional. I would most definitely recommend her.”

    Melissa, Ware-Wolf Creations
  • “I contacted Emily for a much-needed logo for my business. She was very accommodating with her design process and in a very short time, I had some options to work with her on. I asked for some changes and in less than an hour, I received the logo exactly as I wanted it! Thank you Emily.”

    Greg, GregNote
  • “Emily was fantastic to work with. She knew exactly what we needed and produced a logo we are delighted with. This lady has talent! All this in the shortest time. Amazing!”

    Suzanne, Breakout Bendigo Escape Games
  • “We are so thankful for Emily’s work! She worked with us each step of the way to capture the best of our business in her designs. We are confident in highly recommend her work to others.”

    Keith, Grafx Retouching
  • “Emily was a pleasure to work with! With only limited guidance, she created a beautiful design for me that proudly represented my brand! Thank you so much.”

    Emma, Jaybird
  • “Emily left no stone unturned to create a wonderful, aesthetically pleasing, and functional website. I would highly recommend Emily. She is a dedicated, hard working perfectionist with a friendly personality and always eager to learn more about your business.”

    Tino, Eureka LED Lighting
  • “Emily was very intuitive and produced a beautiful logo for me and it surpassed every expectation. I didn’t even know what I wanted to begin with and vaguely told Emily what elements needed to be in. She was proactive into looking at my business portfolio on the social platforms, did her own research and incorporated the essence of my business into my new logo. She was so quick, so easy to talk to and has a good eye in creating something so visually appealing. I am extremely happy with my new logo and will definitely come back to Emily if I need future work done.”

    Shelby, Cotton Possum
  • “Emily was brilliant to work with. She listened to what I wanted and I had an amazing design within a couple of days!  She was lovely to work with I would highly recommend her services and I will work with her again in the future on other projects!”

    Sophie, Vox Fit
  • “I have been trying to get my logo design done but couldn’t find anyone to do it to suit my business identity. I thank God for Emily and I pray He continues to bless her. Thank you Emily for doing all this. You are a heaven sent!”

    Nicole, Ocean Blue
  • “I gave Emily some ideas to go from and only told her a little bit of what I wanted. Emily sent me design options very quickly, which was lively and exactly what I asked for! I would highly recommend working with Emily!”

    Kristie, Miss Pilbara Rural Teaching
  • “Emily was responsive and very efficient with my design request. She took what I asked for and turned it into reality!  I cannot be happier with the outcome!”

    Shenay, LxS